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Clear branding and compelling designs that help impact-driven nonprofits, ministries, and businesses grow

People decide if they LIKE and TRUST your organization in less than one second. (source)

94% of first impressions are based on visual elements. (source)

First impressions are sticky. Longer exposure doesn’t change their initial reaction. (source)

Credibility is 75% based on aesthetics (source). Without appealing design, your marketing money is wasted. People will disregard your message, or worse — they’ll form a negative impression of your organization.

Appealing design can be the X-factor that attracts more people to your cause so you can make a greater impact.

Our Services

Churches, nonprofits, and impact-driven businesses struggle to reach people and engage them in their cause.

We align your organization’s DNA with a clear message and irresistible designs that grab attention and help you grow.

Brand & Culture Alignment

Turn staff, members, volunteers, and donors into enthusiastic promoters.

Communication Design

Cut through the noise, build relationships and inspire people to take action.

3-Step Plan for Results by Design



We listen to understand who you are at the core and uncover what is important to the people you need to reach. Together we’ll craft a marketing plan that is right for you and your objectives.



We work with you to make your message clear, simple and memorable. Then we harness the power of design to make sure your message attracts the right people and gets results.



With a clear message and compelling designs, you’ll be confident that all of your marketing pieces will grab attention and convey credibility to attract people to your cause.​

Let’s get your project started!

Content is king, but even the best written words are powerless to do the good you intend if they’re wrapped in poor design.

Let me help you harness the power of words and design to amplify your message so it captures attention and fosters trust to connect with the people you need to reach.

I’m Sharie Schnell and I started Maxim Design Group in 2001 to help Christian organizations and ministries — organizations like National Religious Broadcasters, Medi-Share, and World Hope International — create brand strategies and marketing materials that have raised funds, increased awareness, mobilized volunteers, and grown their reach.

Schedule a free strategy call today with no obligations. We’ll chat about your organization or ministry, your current strategies, challenges, and goals, then give you a free website or social media audit — your choice. You’ll receive great value from the call whether you hire us or not!